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Traffic Incident Management Training for Emergency Responders

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What Happens When an Ambulance Service Has Strong Community Support?

DraytonAmb_color.jpg Image Feature stories on each Ambulance Service in Pembina County will be printed in newspapers this summer. There are 4 Ambulance Services and 4 Quick Response Units, and we are very fortunate to have them!

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Health Tracks Day

August 17th is a Health tracks day, please call Pembina County Public Health to set up an appointment, 701-265-4248.

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2016 Highway Projects

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Who Are The Dispatchers Behind 911?

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EMS Council Meeting

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Emergency Medical Services Are Passionate To Provide The Best Patient Care

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2016 Load Restrictions

Summer weight limits for trucks will go into effect on Monday May, 9th.

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Tobacco Tax Increase

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Child Passenger Safety Month

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Park River Joint February meetings

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GIS Parcel Viewer Available Online

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Weed Control Officer

purpleloosestrife.jpg Image Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) exchange program

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Project: Cookbook


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Weather Spotters Course

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