State Spelling Bee

The 2022 State Spelling Bee is scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2022 at the Bismarck Event Center – see Agenda.


Sponsor - Primary Grant Support

North Dakota Masons

North Dakota Masonic Foundation



The North Dakota State Spelling Bee program is funded primarily by Sponsor grants. The program is managed and administered by the North Dakota Association of County Superintendents (NDACS).

The program consists of three levels of competition – School, County, and State. The program is open to students from public schools, private schools, and homeschools (or school district based homeschool associations).

Public, private, and homeschools all need to enroll both with NDACS for State and Scripps for National in order to have their students eligible to advance from the County Bee level of competition to the State Spelling Bee


NDACS State Enrollment

NDACS State Enrollment

State Enrollment Deadline: 1/31/22

State Enrollment Fee: $60

*Homeschools should refer to State Enrollment Form for fee.


Download and print the State Enrollment Form for registering schools and homeschools. The form can be printed and completed manually, or you can open the link, do a “save as” on the Word document, enter the data into the table fields, and print the form. The completed State Enrollment Form should be mailed to the address at the bottom of the form along with a check for the fee payable to “NDACS State Spelling Bee” (unless your County Coordinator provides other direction). NDACS is not set up to accept credit card payments.


Schools must be enrolled BOTH with NDACS for State, and with Scripps for National for students to be eligible to advance from the County Bee level of competition and compete at the State Spelling Bee.


Scripps National Enrollment

Scripps National Enrollment

National Enrollment Deadline: 1/31/22

School Enrollment Fee: $175

Homeschool Enrollment Fee $120


*Those completing the Scripps enrollment should document the login credentials used for enrollment as this provides access to all Scripps resources and study tools throughout the Bee program year*


Link for Scripps National Enrollment (Online Only) –

Follow “Enroll” prompts. Schools should either use previous years login credentials or set up a new account.

If the quantity or names of the schools in your area do not match Scripps records, please use the Scripps “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the web page to request a database correction before completing National enrollment (i.e., if you have one K-12 school building and the Scripps database shows multiple schools).


How to check if your school is enrolled with Scripps -

To check Scripps National enrollment status, use the above link, scroll down to “Is your school enrolled”, enter the zip code, and click on “Check school status” to review the national enrollment status for schools in your area.


School / County Bees and Student Registration for State Bee

School / County Bees and Student Registration for State Bee

School Spelling Bee Competitions Completed: 01/31/2022

County Spelling Bee Competitions Completed: 02/25/2022

State Spelling Bee Student Data Form Completed: 02/28/2022


School Spelling Bees – Enrollment with Scripps provides access to tools for the school level of competition.


County Spelling Bees – the “District Pronouncer Guide” (prepared by Scripps) for use at the County level of competition will be mailed to each County Coordinator by year-end. Information packets for you to provide to your “County Winners Advancing to State” will be included in the mailing, as well as a school enrollment status report.


Each county can send two students from the County Spelling Bee to compete at the State Spelling Bee. Students must be from a school that is fully enrolled with Scripps for National AND NDACS for State prior to the deadlines. If a county winner or runner-up is unable to attend, the county can send an alternate.


2022 Deadlines for Spelling Bee Enrollment and Competition 


Spelling Bee Student Data Form

Spelling Bee Student Data Form

Student Registration Due: 02/28/22

Click on the above heading / link to complete the online “Student Data Form” for each County winner advancing to the State Spelling Bee. Submit one registration per student. This information must be submitted online by February 28, 2022 in order for students to have information printed in the participants booklet at the State Spelling Bee.


For those traveling to Bismarck the night before the event, a block of hotel rooms is reserved at the Ramkota Hotel at a discounted rate. If you would like to reserve a room, please call the 701-258-7700 by March 1, 2022 and mention “Spelling Bee”.


Study Guides – State (and County) Spelling Bees

Study Guides – State (and County) Spelling Bees

The 2022 Words of the Champions is the source for studying for the State Spelling Bee. Schools have access to this document with the Scripps login and password set up when they completed national enrollment with Scripps in the fall. Please note that the oral spelldown rounds at the State Spelling Bee will consist of words from the 2022 Words of the Champions as well as additional dictionary words that are not included in the study guides.




North Dakota State Spelling Bee

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Phone: 701-955-4900