Pembina County Job Development Authority (JDA)

The Pembina County JDA explores new business development opportunities, supports local community development efforts, and provides financial and technical assistance to develop and implement economic development projects.


The Pembina County JDA was one of the first county JDAs in North Dakota and was meeting even before the legislative creation of job development authorities. Local leaders recognized the need to convene regularly and support business development activities throughout the county. As such, the Pembina County JDA is believed to be the first JDA in the state of North Dakota. The JDA was formally established in 1991. This is an active and engaged organization that has supported numerous economic development and business development initiatives. 


The Red River Regional Council (RRRC) provides contracted professional services to the Pembina County JDA, which is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets on a bi-monthly basis in rotating locations throughout Pembina County.


For more information about any of the economic development programs and services offered in Pembina County, please contact the Pembina County JDA at 701-352-3550 or find us on the RRRC website.

Pembina County JDA Annual Report 

Business Retention and Expansion Final Report

Northern Valley Youth Entrepreneurship Programs brochure

Pembina County Economic Development Strategic Plan 2019-2024


Six goals identified and adopted:

GOAL #1: Continue to support business development

GOAL #2: Continue leading the 21st century workforce development and youth entrepreneurship initiative.

GOAL #3: Continue to develop tourism/visitor destinations

GOAL #4: Continue to develop the Northeast Manufacturing Group

GOAL #5: Support vibrant community development

GOAL #6: Management and public relations